Bicycle Suggestions

1. Bike Lanes, Sharrows, and Cycle tracks—oh my!

By the end of this November, DU will unveil its first sharrow designated street, South High Street! The fun doesn’t stop here though because the University is looking ahead and wants to know what other streets you would like to see improved upon. Is there a street that could use sharrow markings? What about a bike lane? How about a cycle track?! Let us know by specifying what street and what type of improvement you would like to have.

2. Conflict Areas

Pedestrians and cyclists, is there a street you hold your breath and pray for the best while crossing? If so, let us know what cross-section you think is almost too dangerous to cross. Perhaps a roundabout or better/more signage and street markings can help—who knows, what’s your idea??

3. Shared Paths

Anyone that has visited Denver’s Auraria Campus may be aware that bicycles are prohibited on campus. This is partly due to the dangers that are imposed when pedestrians and bicyclists share paths and is also why Colorado statute bans bicyclists from riding on sidewalks—that’s right, it is illegal to ride your bike on a sidewalk! At the University of Denver we do not want to see a similar banning imposed but we are also aware of this pressing danger. Do you think bicycles should be banned on campus? Why or why not? Do you think designated paths for “bicycles only” and “pedestrians only”—as demonstrated by Washington Park—can help? How about more
signage?—or, again, what about adding a cycle track that travels from the northernmost and southernmost parts of DU’s campus?

4. Bike Parking

Is there a bike rack that’s always too full to park your bike at? Or has someone parked their bike next to yours and damaged it? Would you like to see more bicycle parking around campus?  How about the bike rack?—do you think there’s a better/more practical parking infrastructure that can be provided? How about bike lockers for rainy/snowy days? What about the parking garages?—Did you know there’s bicycle parking there too, it’s not just for cars! Let us know your thoughts about DU’s bicycle

5. Bicycle Facility/Center

Many bicycle friendly universities provide a bicycle facility/center for bicyclists. These facilities often provide showers, indoor parking, snacks, classrooms and space for you to make free bicycle repairs. No worries if you don’t know how to make a repair because trained staff are usually available to help guide you and even teach bicycle repair classes! Do you think DU can benefit from such a facility? If so, what would be your ideal bicycle facility and where would you like to see this located?

6. Bicycle Commuter Education Programs

What’s that you say? You didn’t know it’s illegal to ride your bike on sidewalks in Colorado? You can get a ticket for running a stop sign or red light while on your bike? There’s a proper way to signal a turn on your bike? You don’t know how to change a flat tire? Sounds like you could use some helpful bicycle info. The Transportation Center is constantly working to make sure DU students, faculty, staff, and employees are well informed about bicycle rules, safety, and practices but we realize there are times when our messages are not received. What do you think? Is the Transportation Center doing a sufficient job or is there more you would like to learn about? In addition to basic bike info, maybe you would like to learn more and take a course on sustainable bicycle transportation—or even study abroad and learn about this while studying in the Netherlands! Or maybe you’d like to see something as simple as motorists receiving bicycle info when purchasing a parking permit. What’re your thoughts? What kind of educational improvements would you like to see at DU?

7. Bicycle Coordinator

Are you satisfied with the bicycle improvements that are being made around campus or do you feel more should be done with regard to bicycle infrastructure, education, encouragement, enforcement, evaluation and planning? It is often said that, “a cardinal rule in every bureaucracy that any task not specified as someone’s job is a task that will never get done.” With this in mind and considering all the improvements you would like to see made around campus, do you think DU can stand to benefit from the creation of bicycle coordinator position? Why or why not?

8. Have a suggestion topic of your own?

If you have a suggestion that has not been covered and think it’s worth discussing then this is place to put forth your own idea! Upon submission and review, your thought(s) could be a featured topic under our “Bicycle Suggestions!” So submit when that light goes off in your head! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Bicycle Suggestions

  1. Thank you for your reply. My brother sustained a head injury and died shortly thereafter. It really hits home for me to see these young, bright kids taking a chance with their brains.

    • We’re very sorry for your tragic loss. Thank you for sharing your brother’s story. We hope that it encourages others not to take unnecessary chances.

    • I believe helmets are not required because Colorado likes to leave a lot of things up to personal choice. It is illegal to ride with both ear buds in, and it’s dangerous for other people, not just the bike rider. Regardless of whether it’s required, it’s the smart thing to do to ride with a helmet on and headphones off, and we hope that more people will start to make the personal choice to do that.

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