Space for a Rant

The Transportation Center Blog is considering the addition of a page that will allow you to submit pictures, videos, and comments of people infringing on traffic regulations. Is there something you’ve seen or a vehicle that you’ve encountered that really grinds your drivetrain? Perhaps you caught theĀ culpritĀ in action by video/photo or simply have a rant to share. We want to see/hear what went wrong on your commute. All transportation users are being asked to submit. Motorists, let us know if you catch a pedestrian or cyclists in the wrong. Light rail & bus riders, did something noteworthy occur on your commute today? And cyclists, did a motorist get too close to you or impede your ROW?–How about a cop car in the bike lane!? Checkout out the video below for an example of what we’re looking for and (please) fill out the following poll to let us know if you’d like to see more pics, videos, and/or comments like these.