Do Bike Paths Promote Bike Riding?

Have you ever heard a bicycle advocate repeat those famed words from Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come” and wondered if that was actually true? Bicycle advocates have long touted that the addition of bicycle lanes, paths and cycle-tracks encourages and convinces commuters to choose bicycles over automobiles–or whatever form of transport previously being used. Contributing writer of The Atlantic Cities, Eric Jaffe attempts to answer this Field of Dreams bicycle concept by assessing and comparing multiple studies in his article, “Do Bike Paths Promote Bike Riding?” You’ll have to click the link to find out but we will say….bicyclists will come 😉

If you’re still interested in this concept watch the clip we’ve provided, “How the Dutch got their cycle paths” to find out and see how Amsterdam, Netherlands became the most bicycle friendly city in the world. You might be surprised to learn that Amsterdam once stood on the brink of becoming an auto dependent city until a movement for change began in the 1970s. Do you think Denver will ever be on par with Amsterdam or Minneapolis or Portland for that matter? What about DU? Could the University be the next most Bicycle Friendly University in the country? Perhaps. One thing is for sure, we’ll need your support and opinions to accomplish this! Let us know what you think by clicking above on “Bicycle suggestions” or comment below.


Bike to the Oscars Challenge

Writer/blogger Ted Johnson is challenging celebrities to bike to this Sunday’s Academy Awards show in a series of posts featured on Commute by Bike. You can tune to ABC on February 26th at 7 pm (EST) to see if anyone accepts Johnson’s challenge–and (of course) find out who this year’s winners are! Comedian Zach Galifianakis has been called out to accept the challenge while others hope to see reigning “Sexiest Man Alive” Bradley Cooper roll in by bike for his red carpet appearance. What about the ladies? Designers design bike friendly gowns right? So we shall see!! 😀


The Transportation Center is still interested in hearing your thoughts on how to make DU an even more bicycle friendly campus. Please click on “Bicycle Suggestions” to see what is being proposed and to voice your ideas—or leave a comment below. Recent suggestions have included the addition of a bike rack near the Mary Reed building and leveling sidewalks around Centennial Hall! Do you agree?—or have just as good (or even better) idea? This is YOUR opportunity to let us know! 😀

Want to help but don’t know what to say or need some inspiration? Checkout Virtuous Cycle: 10 Lessons from the World’s Great Biking Cities to read what ground-breaking innovations are being used in the world’s most bicycle friendly cities!!