Mark the Map!

Have you been by the Driscoll Student Center lately? If so you may have noticed one of our representatives from the Transportation Center—he’s the guy standing around with a giant map of DU 😉 In case you’re wondering or have not heard why we have a map of DU on display, feel free to stop by the table and chat with our representative M-TH 10:00 am – Noon. We will have the map on display until November 22nd and are asking all DU bicycle commuters to mark their route(s) on the map. Information gathered from this effort will be shared with the University’s Architect, Mark Rodgers, and others who are currently in the process of updating the campus’ 2007 Land Use Plan and are looking to make improvements relating to transportation and commuting around campus by bicycle. Your feedback will help the planning committee decide what improvements should be made and ultimately help turn DU into one of the most bicycle friendly universities in the city, state, or even….wait for it….country!


Please leave your comments!

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