i ride, do you?

Do you ride your bike on or around the University of Denver campus?  Help us in our quest for a campus bicycle plan.  Tell us where you ride:  What routes do you take to and through campus? Where do you wish you could ride if there was better infrastructure or safety improvements?  Either submit your comments here or click on the “Bicycle Suggestions” heading and we’ll add them to our growing research to inform where infrastructure or policy updates may be needed both on campus and with the City of Denver.  And keep checking back–new questions and outreach options will be added periodically to the “Bicycle Suggestions” forum.


One thought on “i ride, do you?

  1. Hi! I rollerblade around campus. What I think would be great is to level the sidewalks by Centennial Halls on S. High St and Iliff by the Newman Center and Olin Hall; it’s so bumpy over there that I’ve fallen at least three times. The sidewalks get so many leaves on them also that it gets dangerous to rollerblade in certain areas, and slower on bikes as I’ve seen other bikers struggle a bit. It’s hard to close from Mary Reed to Olin, cars go really fast. Also, the lighting is a little bit too low at night, especially after Daylight Savings Time changed and the sun sets at 5, so at 6 I’m blading back from Newman to Halls in darkness. Anyway, that’s all for now!

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