A Cause for Celebration!

Have you traveled along S. High Street lately? If so you may have noticed an exciting addition to the street, sharrows! A sharrow is a shared roadway bicycle marking that is intended to help bicyclists position themselves away from parked cars, to avoid being
“doored”—or struck by a suddenly opened car door, and to alert other road users to expect bicyclists to occupy travel lanes. In recognition of S. High Street’s popularity with bicyclists, sharrows were added to help ensure safety along the street as it is currently too narrow to facilitate a bicycle lane due to the street’s traffic and parking. We are proud of this new addition and look forward to making future improvements around DU. If you would like to see similar improvements or have ideas on making further bicycle improvements around DU, click on our “Bicycle Suggestions” heading to voice your opinion(s)!


Mark the Map!

Have you been by the Driscoll Student Center lately? If so you may have noticed one of our representatives from the Transportation Center—he’s the guy standing around with a giant map of DU 😉 In case you’re wondering or have not heard why we have a map of DU on display, feel free to stop by the table and chat with our representative M-TH 10:00 am – Noon. We will have the map on display until November 22nd and are asking all DU bicycle commuters to mark their route(s) on the map. Information gathered from this effort will be shared with the University’s Architect, Mark Rodgers, and others who are currently in the process of updating the campus’ 2007 Land Use Plan and are looking to make improvements relating to transportation and commuting around campus by bicycle. Your feedback will help the planning committee decide what improvements should be made and ultimately help turn DU into one of the most bicycle friendly universities in the city, state, or even….wait for it….country!

i ride, do you?

Do you ride your bike on or around the University of Denver campus?  Help us in our quest for a campus bicycle plan.  Tell us where you ride:  What routes do you take to and through campus? Where do you wish you could ride if there was better infrastructure or safety improvements?  Either submit your comments here or click on the “Bicycle Suggestions” heading and we’ll add them to our growing research to inform where infrastructure or policy updates may be needed both on campus and with the City of Denver.  And keep checking back–new questions and outreach options will be added periodically to the “Bicycle Suggestions” forum.